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This blog was born out of a need to articulate my beliefs on music education, which are steeped in the method of Dr. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory. With so much emphasis on differentiated instruction and the responsive classroom, along with assessments, it makes much sense to have a concrete measurement of our students’ music aptitude, and to use that benchmark as a springboard for learning and assessment.

Building on the Musical Aptitude Profile, music needs to be taught adhering to a researched and proven curriculum. Not one that just sounds impressive, but one that focuses on true music literacy, and not just “typing in a foreign language.” Solfege is a fundamental component in music comprehension, and is found in strong music literacy curriculums, such as Conversational Solfege, and Kodaly, as well as the Music Learning Theory.

The ability to hear music, as in audiation, or hearing music that is not physically present, is based on the development of the ear. Both Kodaly and Gordon emphasize the aural part of music as the foundational piece of music learning. Why rush to name notes on a staff that mean nothing to a student, because they have no relation? Reading one word on a page, or seeing one letter on a piece of paper does not qualify a student as a comprehending reader. No more does naming “G” on the staff qualify a student as musically literate.

If inculcating music literacy is the mission of music educators, we do our students a grave disservice by encouraging them on their quest to “hunt and peck”. Upper grade teachers complain that the matricuating elementary students don’t remember anything about reading music when they get to middle school. And why? Because there is no comprehension there; it’s like reading words in a foreign language; those “words” never had any meaning to them in the first place!

Once I witnessed the results of true understanding, when the lightbulb went on for my students, how could I turn back?

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  1. July 20, 2009 11:18 am

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  2. July 24, 2009 10:52 pm

    Well said.
    If you’re interested, I have some posts at
    Maybe you’ll agree with most of them. Some?

    Love the term Audiction.
    Audation + addiction
    Addicted to audiating.

    That’s great.

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